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Cal Kehoe is resident act at multiple venues. The vast majority of his performances are solo shows where Cal puts his “looping” skills on display. Sometimes compared to Andrew Bird or Keller Williams, Cal’s techniques fascinate audiences by saturating the canvas with sonic color.

A much sought after performer Cal has been touring New England with his bands and as a solo looping artist.


His most recent release  “Symptomatic Holiday” features collaborations with long time Phish and Trey Anastasio and Amfibian Lyricist,  and friend Tom Marshall.


Studio and Live projects are currently scheduled for performances this Fall of 2018 and Winter 2019.

Past Press Highlights

“It behooves all discerning music fans to start paying closer attention to the Connecticut-based guitarist/vocalist/songwriter.”

–Andrew O’Brien, Live for Live Music


"Cal has this incredible ability to turn every performance into something so personal –he makes his set and his interaction with the crowd so intimate and down to earth."

–Jessica Gorrell, Monkey Goose


“Most impressive is his guitar work across his tracks. Every note is logical and fitting, even though he’s trying to break into a scene that thrives off of ten minute guitar solos. He stays humble, wails high up on the fretboard for a few bars and backs off. It’s perfect for the genre and revealing in its modesty.”

–Dave Ostroff, NYS MUSIC


“Limbo was a lot of the core it’s a guitar song and Cal rips it wide open! Cal is one of the best guitar players touring today.”

–Tom Marshall